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Horse Legs

Emergency Services

If you have an equine emergency, please call us immediately at

(970) 749-1013.

We offer 24/7 emergency care within our call radius.

If calling outside of business hours, please leave a voicemail and our on-call veterinarian will call you back to discuss your case and make a plan.  

If it is determined that your animal should to be seen, there is an emergency fee which is additional to any services/treatments performed at the call. 

Members of our Wellness Plans qualify for reduced emergency fees! 

If You Have an Equine Emergency


Assess the Situation

Assess your horse’s condition to the best of your abilities. This information will help the veterinarian determine the severity of the condition and be better prepared to provide prompt and efficient treatment upon arrival.  

Useful information can be heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and the nature of the symptoms you are seeing. 


Call Your Veterinarian

Even if you are unsure whether or not you have an emergency on your hands, it's best to speak with your vet. Have all information obtained during your assessment ready to share with us. If it is out of hours, always leave a voicemail with a number you can be reached at, do not text or email.  Have your physical location & directions ready too.


Make a Game Plan

Follow the veterinarian's direction until they arrive, or load your horse in the trailer if you are bringing them to our haul-in facility.


Keep your horse as comfortable as possible and call us if anything changes prior to arrival.

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