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Equine Wellness Plans

Our wellness plans are designed to take the guess-work out of equine preventative care and provide you with peace of mind while ensuring the very best veterinary care for your equine partner. Check out the options below to learn more about what is the best fit for you and your horse.

Our wellness plan enrollment takes place twice annually. Contact us to learn more about pricing and enrollment!

Basic Wellness Plan

Core Annual Wellness - keeping your horse happy and healthy year-round

Spring Treatments Included:

  • Wellness Exam

  • Flu/Rhino Vaccine

  • Core Vaccine (Rabies, EWE, EEE, WNV, Tetanus)

  • Fecal Egg Count

  • Spring Dewormer

Fall Treatments Included:

  • Wellness Exam

  • Flu/Rhino Vaccine

  • Fecal Egg Count

  • Fall Dewormer

Additional Treatments Included:

  • Annual sedated oral examination performed by one of our veterinarians with extensive training in equine dentistry techniques

  • Annual dental float, initial sedation fees included

Additional Perks:

  • $50 off emergency fees

  • 10% off health certificates

  • 10% off strangles vaccinations

  • Member-only discounts on HCVS First Aid Kits

Looking for more coverage? Check out our other options below!

Comprehensive Wellness Plan

All-inclusive Wellness Care - everything your horse needs to be their best self

In addition to all of the services detailed above in the Basic Wellness Plan, the Comprehensive Plan includes:

  • Annual Bloodwork - Chemistry & Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • Annual Coggins Test (EIA)

  • 1 FREE Health Certificate

  • One soundness exam with flexions, ending with a FREE Class 4 therapy laser session

  • $100 imaging credit to be used towards x-rays, ultrasound, gastroscopy, or upper airway endoscopy

In addition to the perks detailed above in the Basic Wellness Plan, the Comprehensive Plan includes:

  • 5% off the following lameness diagnostics:

    • X-rays​

    • Ultrasounds

    • Additional lameness examinations

    • Nerve blocks and intra-articular blocks

  • 5% off the following lameness therapeutics:

    • Joint injection procedure fees​

    • Shockwave and laser therapy

    • IRAP, PRP and Renovo

Recommended Add-Ons

Looking for just a bit more coverage? Check out these options

Road Warrior Add-On:

  • Recommended if you show, travel, camp, or attend clinics

  • Includes 2 health certificates and 1 Coggins (EIA) test

Senior Add-On:

  • Recommended for horses age 15 and above

  • Cushing's screen (ACTH/insulin baseline)

  • EOTRH incisor screening x-rays at the time of annual dental exam

  • Lateral front feet x-rays (farrier views)

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