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Laboratory Services 

Offering specialist expertise in microbiology and infectious disease testing, laboratory services allow us to process Equine samples quickly and efficiently which can - in some cases - be critical for obtaining a diagnosis and implementing the right treatment.

We can conduct routine haematology and biochemistry, with these tests including the inflammatory markers fibrinogen and serum amyloid A as standard and new born foal IgG assessment when required.

Tracheal washes taken from the airway during endoscopy can be examined cytologically, allowing us to differentiate allergic airway disease from infectious airway conditions, as well as monitoring the effects of treatments. We can also perform bacterial and fungal cultures to identify any significant pathogens, and provide antibiotic sensitivity results to guide the choice of treatment.

We offer a full range of tests that are required before and during breeding, including testing for Equine Viral Arteritis and Equine Infectious Anaemia. 

We are able to offer microbiological services for samples such as wound swabs, nasal swabs and fecal specimens.

We offer faecal egg counts, which when carried out regularly can dramatically reduce over-worming and therefore limit resistance, as well as ensuring your horse only gets dosed when necessary.

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